How Healthcare is Getting a Make Over with IoT


Monitoring patients health on a regular basis and recommending them on this basis was a huge pain which extended to limited visits, broken communication and loosing of health and life before the introduction of IoT.

Regular monitoring of the patient and providing analysis on the basis of it is very much possible in the Healthcare sector now which advances to keeping patient safe, healthy and giving a proper recommendation by doctors and physicians. The communication is now easier and prompt without suffering. Remote monitoring reduces the visit to the doctor. Internet of Things (IoT) is just a miracle in Healthcare industry giving it a new life to the patient.

IoT can help in numerous ways; we will try to keep it short and simple.

  • IoT for Patients – Wireless devices from fitness bands to health monitoring like heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring etc empowers patient as well as doctors. Now a patient personally monitors his health and can contact doctors on the immediate and regular basis provided the given results. It has sorted out many problems of remote monitoring and analysis of various activities of the body.
    Moreover, IoT gave a power to people to monitor the health of elderly people when they are not with them and can immediately connect to physicians and be at the situation at the time of emergency.
  • IoT for Physicians – Wearables gives an extra edge to physicians, with equipments embedded with IoT, tracking and remote monitoring is possible for a remote place. Physicians can monitor the treatment plan and or need any emergency attention. Professionals can now proactively engage with the patients and be more attentive. Physicians can now analyze the collected data IoT from devices and determine the best treatment process.
  • IoT for Hospitals – Hospital equipped with IoT devices are like miracle houses, and there are more identified areas except from monitoring, where IoT is useful. Sensor IoT devices track the real-time location of oxygen pumps, nebulizers etc. Moreover now hospitals can deploy staff at a remote location too and analyze them at real time. Hygiene monitoring can prevent patients from getting infected by providing initial warnings. Environment monitoring in hospital rooms and functionality of maintaining a regular check on other inventories also be done easily now.
  • IoT for Health Insurance Companies – Insurance companies can now settle the claims by leveraging the data captured through monitoring IoT devices. Many false claims can be identified through it. Insurance companies can give offers and incentives to customers for sharing the IoT devices generated data. By this, they can also keep a check on the daily activities and come up with the new plans and cautious health measures. Validation of claims can be carried out through data captured from IoT devices

Big advantages healthcare is getting through IoT:

  • Reduction in Cost: By cutting down the unnecessary visits to clinics and hospitals and real-time data monitoring cuts down the cost significantly.
  • Improvement in Treatment: Real-time monitoring of data and studying of patient activities makes physicians to execute an improved treatment.
  • Faster Disease Diagnosis: Sensors and data studying helps to find the early symptoms of any disease and helps to control it.
  • Proactive Treatment: Proactive treatment is possible now because of health monitoring and results generated through data.
  • Less Errors: Data provides an edge over the errors. Now data generated through IoT devices helps to reduce the errors, also letting control of wastage of time, money and other activities.

Healthcare IoT should come up with the more security because of the sensitive data captured from patients and which can be hacked.

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