August 18, 2017

Real Estate

Yesterday, the value of commercial real estate was all in location. Tomorrow, much of it will be in information—and how CRE companies can use that information to build relationships with customers and strengthen tenant engagement.
There will be an array of opportunities created by IoT for real estate companies. The advanced Building Management Systems (BMS) will be able to autonomously sense, communicate, analyse and act.

Business challenges

  • Real Estate Management
  • Easy search of real estate property for sale using GPS
  • Contact location based property dealers
  • Personalised buying experience
  • Monitoring & control of building equipment
  • EHS
  • Footfall measurement
  • Rising costs of operation
  • Heavy manpower involvement


  • Easy customer interface
  • Proximity based marketing
  • Intelligent Building Management System
  • Integrated unit automation
  • Asset management
  • Real time updation
  • Emergency management
  • App based payment
  • Waste management
  • Security system
  • Workforce management
  • Parking optimization
  • Data analytics for insights