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IoT has touched upon almost every sphere of life. Be it home automation or wearables, IoT with its innovative ideas and ease of use is attracting more & more consumers every day. Technology analysis firm CCS Insight predicted an impressive 96 million wearables to be sold in 2017, at a value of $10.8 billion, which will increase to 185 million devices by 2021, bringing in $16.9 billion in revenue. Apparently, interest in home & wearable devices is exploding rapidly, showing no signs of slowing down in the coming years.

Home Automation

Under home automation segment, there are many use cases and quite a few start-ups have taken the opportunity to design, develop & commercialize IoT devices, solution and transforming business as well as human life. With the availability of open source platform (e.g. HASS.IO), various open communication protocol (Zigbee or Z-Wave) and low-cost
hardware, sensor it has become even easier.

Home automation can be divided into home security, energy conservation & convenience.

Security: Through using IP camera, real-time streaming into a Mobile app, detecting motion and sending alerts. There are also Wi-fi enabled smart locks which can be operated through mobile apps – there is no need for keys.

Energy conservation: Through mobile app one can control home lights On/Off or control brightness level remotely. Also, using smart sockets energy consumption of the device attached to that socket can also be tracked.

Convenience: Residents can control their TV, Fan & AC using apps. A kitchen can have smart appliances which can automatically track your groceries and place orders. Smart jar or egg holder can intimate you when is about to be empty. Bluetooth (BT) based small tracking device can track your keys or important belongings easily. Your bathroom can have BT based smart shower which can play music while you take bath. Or you can have a smart scale to take your body weight. The smart brush can guide you to optimum brushing.

The smart garden watering device can water your garden based on soil moisture or environmental condition OR timer based.


IoT has introduced many lifestyle devices in the last couple of years. They are ranging from smart clothing to eyeglasses. Smart cloth can help track your body temperature while exercise whereas smart glass can have bone conduction speaker, activity tracker, direction & camera. There are multiple fitness tracking devices available which can help you with your daily activity pattern, sleeping pattern along with a recommendation. MODIUS, one cutting edge technology developed by neuroscientists can stimulate a part of the brain that has been shown to naturally influence body weight and help achieve a leaner body. There are devices which can remind your pill intake, relief pain & also reduce snoring habits.

Elderly can benefit by measuring own BP, Glucose, Oxygen level and take even ECG reading at home and consult with doctor accordingly.

One can track their kids or pet while they play outside. Based on basal body temperature, smart fertility tracker from Comper can even help you to track and predict the fertility window.

With Alexa and Google Home around, one can interact & control devices even with his own voice.

Internet of Things is already dominant in countless aspects of our daily lives, and wearables are the perfect companion to help plunge this technology deeper into the fabric of our world, connecting devices to objects seamlessly to improve the customer experience while increasing revenue in a broad range of companies.

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